Acoustic Treatment Exposed is a hilarious R-Rated video that explains the basics of acoustic treatment - with a twist! If you thought educational videos must be boring to be effective, this video is sure to change your mind!

Most hi-fi enthusiasts have no idea how much their listening room affects the sound they hear. Even audio professionals, who should know better, constantly lust after new "gear" to improve their productions, overlooking that acoustic treatment is much more important. But we have a better type of lust for audio and music enthusiasts: Watch the fabulous Eliza Lynn demonstrate "up close and personal" the importance of bass traps and other acoustic treatment.

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"I laughed, I cried, I came in my pants!" --Roger Ebbet
"This is the naughtiest educational video I've ever seen." --Leonard Maltese
"Another brilliant production by my favorite director, Alan Smithee." --Gene Scallop
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